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I’m Mel, a hormone health coach

My mission is to reach as many women as I can and support them to make greater lifestyle choices that lead to increased hormone balance to give them back that zest for life!

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Wheter it is online or face-to-face, we will work together to make a better you!

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 Whether you prefer to work alone or with others, Melistic can support your journey.

Hormone Health Talks

 Come along to one of my talks and learn how to balance your hormones.

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I specialise in hormone health for all women whatever your age. Our hormones are with us from birth to the grave and everything in between. Balancing them is essential to our sanity!


Melistic offers in-person, online, and group coaching, so whichever suits you, I have you covered.


I am just like you, I am a busy working professional, and I am a mother juggling life with kids and work and the home.  I have had hormone issues my whole life. So, I know first-hand how you are feeling, I empathize and I want to help you.


I will listen to your health goals and help make them a reality.


Imagine feeling 10 years younger! Having more energy! Feeling Calm and in Control! Your weight is under Control! Loving your body and mind! That’s what Hormone Health Coaching can do for you. Invest in your self-care today with Melistic.

"Mel has listened to me, cried with me, and reassured me that I am not alone or going crazy. Being a woman with a hormone imbalance is hard! I am so glad I found Melsitic Hormone Health Coaching together we are solving my hormone battles!"


"I run my own fitness business supporting others so i need a helping hand with my own accountability to stay on track and manage my hormones"


"After a consultation with Mel, I have got my confidence back with my skin! I have been taking Cytoplan Hair skin and nails supplements, keeping a good skincare routine including Weleda Skin food light cream and almond soothing oil, my skin is visibly clearer and brighter and it’s boosted my self esteem massively. Thank you, Mel. I couldn’t recommend her enough! My CBD balm is still working an absolute treat on a bad wrist RSI and sore shoulders."


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Why Choose Me?

Why choose Melistic Health Coaching

  • I specialise in women’s health 
  • Real-life experience with hormone issues 
  • Holistic approach
  • Support network
  • Accountability 
  • Coaching plan  
  • Affordable packages for everyone