What is a health coach?

Health coaching is an exploratory process supporting you while you regain control of your health. There is no magic pill for lifestyle changes or a “one size fits all” approach to health. A health coach helps you discover what you need to do, to improve your health. A health coach helps you recognise and confront the self-sabotage that stops you from achieving your goals. A health coach is open-minded and non-judgemental and meets you where you are with no expectations or right or wrong. You chose the starting point and the direction of the process. Working with a health coach is a powerful way of transforming yourself on your own terms.

How does health coaching work?

You can book a free discovery call with Mel on the website. This is where you can find out how health coaching can work for you and if we are the right fit for each other. Then you can choose a package that is right for you and book your first consultation. We start with an initial consultation, lasting an hour and a half, either online or in the clinic, where we will go through a full medical history and create a coaching “plan of action”.  In each follow-up session, we will look at your progress and create actionable steps to move you toward your health goals.

Why do I need a Health Coach?

Most of us know what we should be doing to feel and be healthy. We know smoking may eventually harm us and we know relying on copious amounts of coffee to simply get us through the day won’t benefit our body. We know that depending on convenience foods won’t supply us with lasting energy and nourishment. We know going home to that toxic relationship is putting stress on our body but why aren’t we doing anything about it? Why aren’t we making these changes in our lives that would benefit us and make our bodies thrive? Giving someone healthy recipes with nutritional advice to take home is a start but it’s usually not sustainable. That’s where health coaches come in.

​We’re a pill-popping nation. We’re taking medication to treat our symptoms but we aren’t actually looking at the root causes of our health problems. Together we’ll peel back the layers to the root causes of your health issues. We’ll look into your Primary Nutrition being relationships, spirituality, career and physical activity and link it to your Secondary Nutrition being the foods you’re eating. 

​I will give you practical, long lasting advice and support so that you can get to where you want to be. You’re reading this for a reason. Which part of your life are you struggling to bring into balance? What does your body need in order to heal? We all have the power to write our own prescription for health, but we need to be empowered to get to that point to realise your health is in your hands. Only you can be the one to change it with my support.

What makes you different from a dietician?

Health Coaches look for the root causes as to why your feel like you are feeling or not making those changes you know you need to make. Sometimes you need more than recipe advice. I focus on more than the food you’re eating. Food is usually the symptom, so it’s important to dive into your internal nourishment – your career, spirituality, physical activity, and relationships, to name but a few, before moving on to your food.

Will I need to stop drinking and having fun?

Absolutely. Life is for a living but a healthy balance is good for you. You can still live in the real world while being aware of what certain things do to your body. Changing old habits can be challenging but it is about making healthier choices and altering the bad habits that will bring you better health and longevity to your life.

What associations are you regulated by?

I am a member of the Association of Naturopathic Practitioners and the UK & International Health Coaching Association. As a member, I am a fully qualified and credentialed professional who has satisfied the robust professional standards they set out and I work within a defined Scope of Practice.

Is it confidential?

Absolutely, like any health professional everything you share is strictly confidentialIf you have any further questions book a discovery call or email me.