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Specialising in hormone health for all women whatever your age. Melistic offers in-person and online coaching.

Imagine feeling 10 years younger! Having more energy! Feeling Calm and in Control! Your weight is under Control! Loving your body and mind! That’s what Hormone Health Coaching can do for you. Invest in your self-care today with Melistic.

Free 20 min Consultation

20 min get to know me consultation

20 Min


1:1 Coaching – One Cycle Packge

90 min one off appointment

90 Min


1:1 Coaching

3 Cycle Plan

3 x 90 Min


1:1 Coaching

6 Cycle Plan

6 x 90 Min


Corporate Coaching

Key note speaking in health,  wellbeing and hormones

45 min – 1 hour Talk

Price Upon Request

Hormone Health Talks

Join me at my exclusive events

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